Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentine Paper Bag Cards

It's been ages since I've made Valentine cards for kids.
Don't you remember taking a shoe box and covering it with white tissue paper and doily hearts? So much fun!
My oldest daughter asked me if I would be interested in making Valentine cards for Macie
to take to her daycare. Let me show you how they turned out and then I'll show you how
easy they were to make!
Nothing says Valentines Day like hearts, pink, red and a little lace.
I had everything on hand so this ended up being a no cost project, perfect - right?
The felt hearts are from Dollar Tree and it's suppose to be a garland but I cut them apart and
hot glued one on the back of each bag along with another Valentine cutout.
I got the Valentine kit at Michaels a few years ago on clearance and it has so many pieces
that it will take me a long time to use it all up - so this was the perfect project.
My how times have changed, a conversation heart that says, 'email me'?

Let me show you how I made these cards.
I used brown lunch bags but you could use any size paper lunch bags you have on hand.

Next step is to fold down the flap on the end.

Take a scissors or paper trimmer and cut that piece off.
You should end up with bottom ends being open.

Flip the bag over and fold the bag up 3/4 of the way.
Again, no need to measure, unless you want every bag to
be exactly the same but really it isn't necessary.

Taking Valentine scrapbook paper, glue on paper
for the top part of the bag. No need to cover the
entire area sinc it won't be seen once the bag
is folded. Once you're done with that, cover the flap and
I also did the backside of the bag.

Once you have that part done, this is when it begins
to get fun. Pull out your Valentine cards, doilies,
anything and everything you have that can
be glued on the bag.

In no time you have a one of a kind Valentine paper bag card.
Be sure to tuck the card in the lower flap and then
in the opening at the top, there's plenty of room
to stick a sucker, conversation hearts or for toddler
you might want to stick in a small bag of Goldfish crackers
and for an adult - don't forget to add some chocolate!

Here's a glimpe of the back of the card.
This bag turned out cute and I can't imagine any kid not loving receiving this.

This was the very first bag that I made, I got a little carried away and started adding pearls and
it seemed too fussy for a little child.
I love the back of the bag more so than the front. No to mention,
I got a little crooked with my lace and pearls.

As for me, I'm off to see my daughter and Macie and finish up the rest of
these bags. Plus I love to organize pantries, I'll be revamping their
pantry and I'l share pictures very soon as well as what my pantry looks like now.
Thanks for stopping by today.
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Robyn said...

Oh those came out beautiful! I would have loved to have received a card that looked like that an so easy too!
Robyn :)

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Those are so adorable! Reminds me of how fun it was when the kids were little and made their little valentine holders. How fun!


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