Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Day 16, 17, 18 & 19 Planners Addict Challenge

I am so behind in posting my photos for this challenge.
In order to get caught up, I'll combine several days in this post.
Day 16: Supplies
I have become obsessed with Hello Kitty stationary items and have them
store in the hot pink nylon zippered pouch I picked up for a dollar at Target.
And would you believe this is only half of what I have?
I bought this whole bunch of Hello Kitty stuff off a You Tube video and it was offered at a great price. If you haven't thought of You Tube videos as a place to pick up great deals, there are lots of
people selling their unwanted things at great discounted prices.
I have more Hello Kitty things that I'll ever use but I'll give some away and also
lots will be for my little granddaughter.
Also included with the items I bought, were these cute Hello Kitty paperclips and post it notes.
I'm in love with tiny post it notes for my Filofax.
After this challenge is over, I'll be sharing my two Filofaxes and how I'll be decorating them using  post it notes.
Day 17: Creative
I'm just in the beginning stages of organizing my second Filofax and
added to the front, my laminated name divider.

Day 18: By My Drink
After I have my coffee, I will sit down to the computer with my glass of orange juice.

Day 19: Planner Caddy
I bought my caddy at Joanns and keep all my Filofax supplies here.
Makes for easy finding what I need and also I can see that I have a little
room for more things!!

Thanks for stopping by today!
The photo a day challenge is sponsored by Planner Addicts
Wishing you all a wonderful day!
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Anita said...

I love all your Hello Kitty stationary stuff, very cute X).


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