Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Clean and Organized Refrigerator

You would think being an empty nester, that our home would be spotless and super organized, but I think that is a myth. There are areas in our home that continue to be messy and disorganized and
our refrigerator would be one of those areas.
Yesterday I shared several pins that inspired me to get my refrigerator organized. And I also wanted to tackle this one because I'm going to be participating in 20 Days to Get Organised Challenge.

The Organised Housewife
Let me show you my refrigerator - before.

Probably a very typical refrigerator, things put in wherever there's room.

In the summer we have more fruits and vegetables and they take up a lot of room.
Cutting up a watermelon takes a large container that isn't space friendly in a side by side refrigerator.

The door of the refrigerator had so many containers that once were organized
and it had been awhile since I cleaned it up and checked to see what had expired.
I ended up tossing quite a few things that were either expired or we didn't use anymore.

And here's the after....I pulled everything out...
all the food, the shelves, the glass and wiped everything down.
this took about 2 hours  I don't know if I ever took everything out at one time before so
this did end up to be a huge project!
After I had it all cleaned and organized, we got groceries and I had to redo the set up and
this is the final result.

The top shelf holds a bin of oranges, grapes and leftovers for easy grabbing.
The second shelf holds a bin or yogurt and the other one holds a variety of pickles, ketchup and pickles - all for easy grabbing when we grill.

The drawer still holds the bigger cheese slices and tubes of biscuits as well as margarine and onions in the tupperware container.

On the next shelf is where I put the watermelon,cut up cucumbers as well as carrots and the
super large tub of margarine.(We should never buy such large containers...this will last us until next year at this time!)
The bottom shelf holds more HUGE containers...salsa, dill pickles and cranberry juice.
The juicy juce is for Macie when she comes to stay with us.
I've had the dispenser holding my Diet Mt Dew for years....moving it down to the lower shelf
made it the perfect spot to put the eggs.

This drawer is currently holding our garden tomatoes and cucumbers.
Once the season is over, I'll be able to move the fruit back here.
I like having containers in the drawers now, trying to keep the mess more contained.
The tomatoes don't hang around very long, we've been having the most delicious
BLT's this summer as well as adding to sandwiches, we also make our own
pasta sauce and chili base so the tomatoes get used very fast.

The bottom drawer stayed the same, I've always kept potatoes in the refrigerator and
the potatoes don't start sprouting and they last longer. Again, another tub to set them in
because potatoes tend to be dirty and make a mess in the drawer.

Now for the frezer, we have another freezer in the garage but things tend
to gather here and become overflowing with larger items.
I like to keep our chocolate in the freezer in the summer time so it doesn't get soft,
plus it's more out of sight this way.

And the after, I made one trip to our garage freezer,
tossed out freezer burned items and just straightened it up.
Far by easier than organizing the refrigerator.
Top shelf - frozen meals for work.
Second shelf - bin with frozen vegetables.
Third shelf - my chocolate
Fourth shelf - frozen bread items.

The Organised Housewife

While this challenge hasn't officially started yet, I wanted to tackle
this accomplished. If you haven't signed up yet, I encourage you
to check it out, lots of free printables and inspiration.

Thanks for stopping by!
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oliveoyl64 said...

where did you find the handy dandy baskets with handles? I could use those since my shelves are wire and things get a bit tipsy.

Unknown said...

I wish I had a fridge this size! Our is quite tiny and I do organize by shelf's and sometimes is just seems like there is never enough room. Maybe some of these tips will help. Thanks! :)

Alicia said...

I too would like to know where you found the baskets with the handles. I never thought to use containers to organize like that. Thanks for the great idea!

Terry said...

The baskets are from WalMart and cost about $2.50 each, I bought 2 large and 2 small bins and ended up not using one of the large ones.

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

My fridge so needs this kind of organization. It's a disaster zone.

Http:// said...

Wow!! That came out amazing! You did a great job! Can I be like you when I grow up??


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