Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Biker Dog Storm - Dogs on Thursday!

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Because the weather has been so nice this week, in the upper 50's, it's the perfect time to start taking Storm, our yellow lab, on a bike ride. But this is no ordinary bike's Biker Dog time!

Ok, silly as it sounds - we love it - Storm and me that is.

I just put the harness on Storm, hook him to the bike and we're off. In fact, I can hardly get him to stop jumping up and down to put the harness on because he's so excited to get going.

Because it was just the two of us, I wasn't able to take any pictures but trust me, it's a sight. I don't do much pedaling, and Storm does most of the work. When people drive around us, they are always smiling. It's so cool - and Storm loves it.

If you have a large dog who needs some exercise, this is great but don't work them too hard..we love our pets and we need to take care of them - we want them around a long time!

Happy Thursday!

Oh and Goodwill is never not on my mind, yesterday I went there and I saw a really cute metal white lamp with birds on it. I didn't even check the price, and I don't know why I didn't just pick it up and put it in my shopping cart. So I asked DH if he would stop there on his way to work (out of my way to work plus I'm at work by 7:15 am) and get it for me..he thinks I have a problem...blah blah blah...

Yes DH...blah, blah blah... ROFL!!

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