Saturday, May 23, 2009

Are You Proud to Be An American?

When I was in school (grade & high school), I played the clarinet and I loved when we played patriotic music. I couldn't get enough of John Phillips Sousa music (okay, I was a nerd), and to this day, I still love his music because it reminds me of parades and and the soldiers who fought for our freedom.

My senior year in high school, I took (borrowed) a piece of music from band. It's been 30 years since I was in high school but I still have that piece of music and I know where it's at. The music is "The Thunderer" by John Phillips Sousa and it's still one of my favorite patriotic songs.Looking at it today, I can't believe that I had the song memorized, I don't have my clarinet anymore but I have still have this music.

My garage wall has become a patriotic vision, I look for red, white and blue wherever I go. Here's a glimpse of my wall....

Have a safe Memorial weekend.


Neabear said...

When I was in high school we marched in a couple of Memorial Day parades. We don't have those anymore around here. Anyway, I played the flute. One year it was so warm, some of the players fainted. We were saying they were dropping like flies. That was also the year I burned a hole in my shoe from the turns on the hot pavement while we were marching. Ouch!

House of Smiths said...

Ooo, I love all of these cute patriotic pieces! SO fun to have them up!
I wanted to say thank you for stopping by my Wonderfully Wordy blog! Chris is great for doing this and I just love new visitors. Thanks for looking around!
Shelley Smith


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