Sunday, May 10, 2009

Busy Weekend - Lots of White

What a busy weekend this turned out to be. Every Mothers Day weekend our town has their city wide rummage. This year there were 292 rummages and it was busy, busy, busy!

Because we put in new carpet in the lower level and then decided to paint the exterior, we've been living in chaos for the past three weeks. But it did make it helpful to work on reducing what came back into the house.

We also got rid of a lot of clutter in our storage unit, which is always a good feeling. (If I could reduce my Christmas decorations, we probably wouldn't need the storage unit.)

Then because we had a newly painted and carpeted family room, we decided it was time to get some different furniture. While the rummage was going on, the furniture was delivered. Talked about stressed..I'm so glad that Crystal was there with me.

After the rummage was over on Saturday, Crystal and I dropped off our donations to Goodwill and of course we had to go inside and see what we could find.

I found quite a few great things...

This huge white popcorn bowl..

a white pitcher

a white coffeepot

a white flower candle holder

a pyrex measuring cup

and these two wonderful red & white historical plates...

Oh and DH and I went to the local hardware store today to buy white spray paint and the lady working there said, "oh you're going with generic white, huh?" If she only knew how much I love car is even white...

I'll be posting a couple of projects later this week.I'll show why DH needed white spray paint...he's coming around and understanding that spray paint is the way to go..and also a project that I did with chalkboard spray paint - it turned out really cute!

Happy Mother's Day!


Melanie@TheOldWhiteCottage said...

Oooh, love all the white!

Funny about the spray paint. I spray paint everything! My mom bought me a milk glass lamp for mother's day but it came with a pink shade. I told her it was no problem. I've got spray paint!

Neabear said...

Love your finds. I never really used spray paint much. I will need to keep that in mind if I want to change something.


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