Sunday, December 6, 2009

We're off to the Final Sale of the Year!

DH and I love to go to an auction held on the first Sunday of each month.And this auction is packed with things to sell/buy! Sometimes I get antsy because they move so slow but for the most part, it's alot of fun to be there. The blog about People of WalMart is nothing compared to what we see at this auction. (It wasn't uncommon for my friend Jen, to be hit up by a toothless guy who looked and smelled like he hadn't bathed in years. These are the memories that life is made of!)

So today we're off to a little Goodwill, lunch and the auction - it's going to be a full day!

Here's the list of items:

LARGE Bell Collection,LARGE Rooster Collection,Elec. Organ,Baker Racks,Wood Rocking Horse,Filing Cabinets,Sewing Machines, LOTS of Christmas Items including trees, Wicker Furniture, Recliner, Couch/Loveseat,Entertainment Center,Full Size Mattress and Box Spring, Hand Tools,Power Tools, Bag Sewing Machine, Step Stools, Table Saw, Sander,Antique Typewriter, Antiq Dressers, Pictures, Belt Buckles, Books,Yard Tools, Totes,Speakers, Old Radio, Beer Lights, Old Wall Telephone, Old Small Tabletop Elec Wringer Washer, Coffee Table, Loveseat, End Table, Knick Knacks, Motorcycle Pedal Bike, Old Horse Shoes, Glassware,Fur Coats, Dishes,Dresser Set, Bedding,Lamps, Curio Cabinets,Desk, Motorcycle Helmet, Wicker Elephant, Like New Snow Ski's and boots, Atq Clawfoot stool base, Records, CD's, Casettes, Record Player, Office Chair, Pot & Pans, Air Compressors, Hyd Jacks,Saws, Drop Cords, Vintage Dolls Small to Large, Baseball Cards, Watts Ware, Basketball Cards, Log Chains, Nas Car Cards & Pins, Crocks, Redwing,Antiq Laterns, Puzzels, Old Chicken Posters, Jewerly, Large Glass Animal Cage, Wild Animal Collector Plates,NEW YOUTH SNOWMOBILE,NEW YOUTH 4 WHEELER, Chest Freezer.

Could you stay away?

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Glenda/MidSouth said...

Sounds like you are going to a a fun day. Yes - you can see some pretty "Interesting" people at places like that. :)


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