Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday Treasure - $5,000 Appliance Giveaway

I recently received an email letting me know about a contest where I have the chance to win
$5,000 worth of new GE appliances...and this giveaway is for one very lucky blogger!

I love this refrigerator...two freezer doors and the water/ice dispenser...

and I'd sure love to have a double oven and new microwave
this one comes with pizza mode...if you know what this is, please let me know...

And because this giveaway is for bloggers, you can also enter this giveaway!
To enter the contest you need to write a post using one of the topics outlined  at
Some of the topics are:
Tell us about your proudest creation or empowering DIY moment!
Tell us your best “If my appliance could talk” story!
What is the coolest thing you upcycled or repurposed in your home?
For more details about this contest, click here

Contest ends Jan 31, 2012, so time is running out!

Wouldn't winning this contest just get 2012 off to a great start?


Dawnll said...

Sounds spectacular!
When I clicked on the rules it said it had to be entered by Dec 30th 2011?
Am I looking in the right place?
Would love to enter

Diane said...

Wow that oven looks amazing! I am sure I could discover a love of cooking if I had one of those :)

Unknown said...

I just tried to email my post to their email address and it would not send?? What's up with that? It is not recognized?

Terry said...

Pattie - did you send your email to

Dawn - the email I received from says the end date is Jan 31, 2012.

Sorry for any confusion!


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