Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Beginning to SMASH

It's been awhile since I shared how much I love to watch YouTube vidoes.

One of my favorite YouTubers is 2tinytreasure and she has a
Smash book challenge going on now.
I had bought a Smash book for my youngest daughter
to save her memories while living in S Korea but never had one for me.
So Saturday I went shopping and got lots of Smash items!

The pink Smash book that I picked out is pretty style and the pages are more of a shabby chic look.
While researching which book I wanted, I noticed there are so many other styles -
green/eco, blue/retro, red/doodle, yellow/international, lt green/baby, tan/wedding.
Who knew?

And if you're going to make a Smash book, how about some washi tape?

I also picked up these little word pads which help to prompt you with items to add.
I think I paid $3 for each pad and there are 3 copies of each page.

And my last item was to add a few envelopes to the pages that also have a calendar, love these paper clips and some cute little sticky notes.
I got my items at Michaels but I know that Target also carries a great selection of Smash items!

The first challenge was to do a page about yourself and this was the beginning of something that I found to be so fun. Not only did I use some of the Smash items but I pulled things out of my stash that I probably would never use. (I am a hoarder.)

I pulled out some of my glittering thickers and added a picture and then filled in the blank space.
Part of the fun in making a Smash book is that you fill in as much or as little as you want.

If you noticed on the left side, there is a date stamp. This is a Smash stamper that I bought
quite awhile ago but never used it. How fun this will be to go back in a year and see
if my favorites listed, are still my favorites.

I think it took me longer to come up with my favorites than it did to put the pages together.

I'll share my page 2 challenge next Wednesday - "My Pets"

How about you get a Smash book and become a part of this challenge?
I've also got a Smash Book pinterest board too!

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Unknown said...

I am loving the smash book idea! I may want to check into that for the new year! (Like I need another project..LOL)

Have a crazy beautiful weekend!!


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