Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Latest Pinterest Board

It's been just a little over a month that I had just over 5,000 pins on Pinterest.
Well today I thought I'd share my latest board on Pinterest,
I'm sure everyone has heard or seen what this phenomen is about,
but just in case you haven't heard or seen what fun this can be, I created a Pinterest board.
Growing up, weren't you curious how Santa Claus would know if you were naughty or nice?
And how many years did you hear, "you better be nice, Santa is watching you!"
 Santa has allowed his biggest secret to be revealed in The Elf on the Shelf.
Their Elf reports to Santa on their behavior at the North Pole each night. 
Simply Organized explains Elf on the Shelf this way:
The rules are as follows:

* The children cannot touch the elf or he will lose his magic.

* The elf can listen to what the children tell him, but cannot talk back, that’s Santa’s law.

* The elf flies back to the North Pole each night and tells Santa what he has seen – when he comes back he goes to a new spot in the house.

* The kids start searching for the elf immediately when they wake up!


* Your children will ask you every night from Halloween to Thanksgiving when the elf is coming back!

* You have to remember to move the elf every night! Sometimes this is a bit of a challenge for us. 

 There's a website for registering your Elf on the Shelf and also on Facebook as well as Pinterest.
Let me show you some of the best pins...


I think that parents might have more fun doing this than the kids finding the elf each morning, don't you?


Can't you just hear your kids squeal when they notice that the elf teepeed the Christmas tree?


What a fun suprise to open up the kitchen cupboard and see the elf hiding under a glass!

Much of the magic of The Elf on the Shelf is to think up fun ways to place him/her each night.

There are so many clever places to place the elf for your children to find each morning!

For more ideas, Blossom Bunkhouse
shares 101 other ideas for you!

Stay tune for tomorrow, my giveaway pertains to my latest pinterest board!

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Amanda said...

I love the idea of Elf on the shelf, I think this year we will start, the boys will love him! Love these pins, so funny!

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

Those little elves, although cute as can be, can cause a lot of trouble, so look out!!

Check out what they did in our house last year:

C. Dianne Zweig said...

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I am on a roll...a blog roll to add lots of vintage, retro, collectibles blogs to my blog roll and ask others to add my blog Kitsch n Stuff to their blog rolls. I just added you to my blog and hope that you might add me.

Also is there anyway you could ask your blog friends if they would like to participate? Im looking to link with more vintage, retro, mod , fun blogs THANKS


Alexandra @ In Designer Jeans said...

i LOVE elf on the shelf.. We do not have kids but I bought it last year because he was just too adorable to resist! :) Thanks for sharing!

Ricki Treleaven said...

I love this post!!! I am following your board on Pinterest now....



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