Sunday, July 12, 2009

Today's Thrifty Treasures

It's Monday and time for Today's Thrifty Treasures @ Southern Hospitality.

My daughter recently bought some balls comparable to these for a lot more than I spent - $8.
(White dish was a goodwill find quite awhile ago, the strawberries are from Hobby Lobby.)

Shabby chic wire basket..

Cute little glass bunny dish..

Pewter cup - love the detailing..

White ceramic pitcher..

I love to read about celebrities, this book was $.75.

I had no need to buy this platter, but that didn't stop me... $2!

(For some reason, the platter looks round - but it's oval.)

White small canister - bottom says JC Penny... $2.

But our best buy might just be this four gallon mason jar....I put a quart and pint jar beside it so you can see how big this is... $5. I'll be posting more info on this jar on Tuesday - it really was the find!

Dang it, it's time to go back to work....oh - before I forget, I did buy some more burlap to work on the laundry room. DH and I will start to tackle it tonight. I hung the burlap outside because it's so dusty and oily and it got rained on - still dusty - so it's going to stay outside another night and more rain. (We might be rednecks!)

Be sure to check out all of the other thrifters at Southern Hospitality and please help me in my quest for heathly eating and living - looking for hints and recipes...


★Carol★ said...

I LOVE that huge jar, with that big star on the side! How perfect to somehow use that for decorating for the 4th! Love that platter, and the bunny dish, and that wire basket, AND the ball collection. Wow, you found alot of great things!

Amy Lynne said...

I love that white canister!

Rhonda said...

I love that big platter and big jar and white pitcher.

and yes,it is awfully easy to cross the line into redneck territory, isn't it?

Nicole A. said...

Love ALL your finds! Love that platter so much! And that little white canister! Awesome!

Beth said...

Great finds!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

You did do good. :) Looking forward to seeing what you do with the jar.

Kammy said...

Great deals and so much too !
Hugs ~ Kammy


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