Thursday, September 27, 2012

Designing an Entryway Closet

One of my home improvement projects is to redo the entryway closet. One of the great things about blogging is that we are constantly inspired by other bloggers and the projects that they share. Well today, I have a guest post to share with you that has reinspired me to get going on my entryway closet and I hope it also will inspire you in some way to rethink that space that can sometimes be overlooked.

Designing an Entryway Closet By Tom Coan, owner, Case Design/Remodeling Birmingham.

Whether your home lacks an entryway closet or the existing one is begging for a new design, every home needs organization just inside the main entryway.

While not every living space is blessed with a mudroom, adding or improving an entryway closet with a little custom remodeling can help contain the mess that comes home with each family member at the end of the day.

Working with an existing closet.

If your home already has a coat closet right inside the front door, you’re in luck. Even if it’s too small or has a poor design, the benefit of a closet over cubbyholes and other open storage solutions is that everything goes away as soon as you shut the doors.
If you’re dealing with a messy or disorganized  closet, a new design can help. Sometimes simply adding a few organizational features is all an old entryway closet needs to make it new again. Multiple items don’t fit inside small closets very well without a storage solution. Some simple shelving and storage baskets can help a lot.

Image courtesy of Houzz

A larger entryway closet can hold enough outdoor items for the entire family with the right design. Custom shelving and shoe racks are easy to add to any existing closet. Clothing rods of varying heights use space wisely and keep coats and jackets accessible for children.

Image courtesy of ClosetMaid

Adding a closet.

You don’t have to add walls to create a closet in your entryway, although you certainly can. But it’s as easy as finding the right set of shelves or piece of furniture to inspire a custom closet space. This open closet was added just down the hall from the front door by adding custom cubbies with hooks, shelves, and drawers.

Image courtesy of Case Design

A bench with compartments and an attached open hutch can be an attractive way to contain the mess. A unit like this one can be moved to a new location if the entryway ever needs a different design.

Image courtesy of Two Ellie

A makeshift closet can be a big bonus if you don’t want to commit to anything permanent, or if you rent a home with no entryway closet.

An antique wardrobe becomes the hallway closet in this cottage-style entryway. Image courtesy of Dreamy Whites

About the Author: Tom Coan has owned Case Design/Remodeling Birmingham for over 7 years. As a licensed home-builder and Certified Graduate Remodeler, he leads a design and remodeling team that delivers professionalism and client satisfaction with every project.

Disclaimer: I am not being compensated for this post but rather inspired to rethink the closets in my home and hope that this might inspired you also.

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