Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Family Room - Day 4

The Organised Housewife
Thanks for stopping by, today I'll share
Day 4 of the 20 Day Challenge.
This time is was to clean and organise the 'lounge room'
which I think most of us in the US call the 'family room.'

Our family room is on the lower level and tends to get a lot of use.
We love to watch Netflix movies if we aren't watching something from the DVR.
And things tend to get left out for using the next time we're in the room.

In the back of the room, it ended up to be the perfect spot to put the old and tired glider rocking chair
that we had but couldn't part with.
When I was organizing upstairs, I brough down a bunch of books and the window ledge was a
handy spot to set them and they stayed there for several months.

The room got a nice dusting and putting things away and moved all of my yarn into the baskets on the Ikea shelf. In the basket to the left of the TV is the accessories needed when playing the Wii.
Truth be known - we haven't played the Wii in almost 2 years but for now it's staying with us.
In the back part of our family room, this was pretty easy - dusting and done. I had reorganized this when we had our rummage sale this past spring so this was an easy task.
I wanted to show a couple of my thrifty finds, I got a lamp base at Goodwill and glued a
hurricane glass jar to it for a candle holder(need to get a candle in there). and my globe that's a nightlight.
The other side of the TV I have two more globes. One did come from Goodwill but the smaller one
came from World Market. My family tells me that 3 globes is enough, I'm not so sure!
Here's an overall view of our family room, all nice and clean!
I was suppose to clean windows in the main area of the house but
that'll have to be a weekend job with the hubby.
Next up - Day 5 - the floors and the pantry
(I love the challenges when they are things that I already do on a regular basis!)

Thanks for stopping by!
Wishing you all a wonderful week.

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Robyn said...

Wow what a pretty room.. It looks so inviting I love it.. and I love globes myself.. ever since I was a kid.. I also love how you turned that lamp base into a hurricane candle holder.. Awesome idea!


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