Sunday, September 16, 2012

Laundry Room - Day 3

The Organised Housewife
I'm very behind in sharing my progress with the
Day 1 - the kitchen, I shared how I reorganized under the kitchen sink.
Day 2 -  the master bedroom - I shared how I purged and reorganized the two closets
that hold my clothes.
Day 3 - the laundry room -  declutter the laundry pile,create a laundry routine.
Let me share our laundry room, first of all - it's in the basement and there are no windows in
this room so the pictures aren't going to be the best.

I love my front loading washer and dryer, and I didn't take a picture but they are on pedastals
that hold extension cords, rags and the iron. Because this room isn't finished due to the wiring and plumbing, we stapled burlap to the walls and its held up quite well through the years.

Behind the door we hung up some shelves that can be adjusted as needed.
I store all the bedding and quilts here. The day I quit my job last month, I tackled this
area and donated a large bag to Goodwill. I love how everything is nicely folded and organized now.

Because this room is so small, I can't show a great picture of the space but this is opposite of the shelves that hold the bedding. I try to do laundry on Wednesday nights and again on Sunday nights,
but when I had kids at home - laundry was going everyday!
I love this space because I hang most of my clothes to dry and this is up high enough that my pants are far from touching the floor.
If you happened to notice all the empty hangers, that's due to the purging I did when going through
my closets last week and I gave so many of the white plastic hangers to Goodwill.

I got this wire dress form at Hobby Lobby several years ago and it's hung just to the left of where I hang the clothes up to dry.
 Next up - Day 4 - The Family Room
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